Monday, 11 March 2013

Quiche. Perfect for this kind of weather...

Don't quite know where you guys are, but the weather has chilled out again and we are dealing with light snow flurries and icy winds. We are having an easy Quiche tonight. Not one for being shy when it comes to ingredients, Chef always puts loads of goodies in!

You can put Anything into it, and better still you can have it over a few days. Take it to work for lunch, or dinner after that late night shopping trip to get your outfit for the weekend.

Cook you base first. That way it'll be ready when your prep is done. 
So get your Quiche base organised first. You can easily buy this pastry at any super market. If you need gluten free be sure to find a good recipe. Some Gluten free pastries can break quite easily. Just be sure that when you roll the pastry out over your dish, fill in any breaks or gaps with the pastry by hand.

Prepping for the Quiche. Onions and Mushrooms

Make sure you cook off all your ingredients. Added Bacon

Add loads of cooked Spinach! The more ingredients, the better
As you cook your ingredients, simply add them to a large bowl once they're done. That way you get an idea of what's ready. If your having a little improvisation day, then doing this will give you a chance to taste and see if you want to add anything else!

Crumble up Fetta

By this stage, You should mix everything in really well. Don't be afraid to get messy with your hands. It's more fun that way, trust me!

Once you're done putting all the cooked ingredients together, it's time to pop in your eggs. Now I have been saying the more ingredients the better. The other reason being, is that you don't want a very "eggy" Quiche. It's not as flavoursome (to me)...

Pour all that yummy goodness into your pastry tray. We've used a 10inch tray, and cooked for around 30 minutes. Temperature was at 160degrees Celcius. Always check though! 
You want your Quiche to have slight colouring on the top once it has been cooked. In the picture below, you can see the difference, compared to the previous shot.

THE BEST- Look at all that flavour

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