Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Coffee & Doughnuts Part2- Coffee Custard

So now you know how to make great doughnuts, Here is the perfect match for them. As stated previously, Coffee and Doughnuts are perfect buddies. With that in mind, here is your coffee custard.

900ml Cream
30g Sugar
140g Chicory Essence (coffee flavored Syrup)
15 yolks

Separating 15 Yolks. Yep. Count 'em!

Bring Cream to the boil. Meanwhile, place coffee essence, sugar, and yolks into a clean bowl and whisk till combined. Pour boiling cream into bowl of coffee mixture and whisking thoroughly. Pour cooled mix into a terrine mould and skim off any bubbles on the surface. 

All the bubbles will start to surface as it cools down. You'll need to skim them of the top so that the custard is smooth and has a consistent texture the whole way through.

Taking out the extra bubbles makes for a smoother custard

ClingWrap before putting the lid on
Now cover with cling film (This is important so that no water can enter the terrine dish otherwise the custard will split as it cooks), and place the lid on top. 

Bains Marie the custard for cooking
Place the terrine dish in a water bath to cook in the oven at 145 Degrees C. Fan Forced (time approx: 40mins). OR 160 degrees C without Fan (time approx: 30mins).  

*From the Chef: Checking the custard is easiest by giving the terrine dish a gentle shake. If you find the custard ripples (like a liquid), it’s not ready yet. Ideally the Custard should Wobble. When it does, It’s ready to be taken out of the Oven. Leave it out to rest and cool down.

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