Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Fruits of the forest Tartlets

Summer Is Coming! 
Well, Spring has had a little bit of an uninspiring start. But slowly, surely the weather is getting better. Which means that desserts are about to get a whole lot sweeter. 
Grab your favourite mixed Berries. To be really honest, use frozen ones. They are much easier. You certainly don't have to wait for these to be in season (which means... Indulge whenever)

Castor Sugar with frozen berries
Use Castor Sugar when cooking the berries to help break them down. The sugar also starts to get that lovely thick juice going. Making them a Little jammy in texture.

Cooking the berries down 
Ready yourself for the best filling!
Grab your cooked pastry cases. See the previous entry 

Once your berries are thick and dark in texture, allow it to cool down for a bit. Grab a spoon and fill them up to the top. 

If you want to get a little fancy, cut your excess pastry into strips. Brush them with a little milk, so they stick together and brown up nicely. Carefully lay them over the berries, and press them down at the edges of the pastry tin.

Into the oven at 160˚c for 15 minutes or until they are becoming golden. When they are out, as much as you may want to savour them... Give them 5-10 mins to cool down. Otherwise you may just burn your tastebuds. And then you'll miss all the delectable yumminess. That, would just be a waste!

What about the Pastry? Check the link for our Gluten Free Sweet Pastry.

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