Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Thai Green Curry- Mid week Treat

Thai Green Curry.
It's one of those "whatever's in the fridge" kind of meals. And no matter what you use it always tastes so damn good! Fish, Chicken, Beef. Whichever you fancy, in the pot it goes. What's even better is if you love your vegetables, then you can put as much in as you like really.

So at home, despite the chef muscles being flexed in our kitchen on a regular basis, we still know how to keep it simple!

Bring on the Vegetables!
Poaching the Chicken in the coconut cream works better. 

Leave everything to cook away nicely for approximately 15 minutes. Of course, check on things. A good way to know when your Chicken is ready is to taste it

Just about done. Plates at the ready!
Simple mid week loving! 
All you have to do is tuck in and enjoy!

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