Sunday, 3 February 2013

Braised Beef Short Ribs

Ribs... Nomnomnom

Most people think Pork. They think of a long rack of ribs placed in front of them, and their mouth starts to water in anticipation! Grab your knife, cut them up one by one, then grab with both hands and start on it with your teeth. Or once they've been cooked, cut them up before taking them to your table. Pile them up on a large dish. Take out your favourite salads and sauces, and place it on the table for everyone to share.

It's certainly something you do with your close family and friends! It's comforting to watch your inner circle get dinner on their faces. You're all in the same boat then. And if you're all a little grubby round the edges, you know it was good! 

So have you ever tried Ribs of another kind? 

I'm talking about Beef Short Ribs? Slow cooked for 72 hours. These ones Chef did, were cooked in a Sous Vide. If you've never heard of this, food is first vacuum packed, then placed in a water bath which is kept at a specified temperature. In this case the meat was cooked for 3 days, before being taken out. The meat becomes so soft and tender that the bone quite literally slides out from the meat.

Rob has then cooked these again and prepared them as an elegant dish. At least with something like this you can satisfy both carnivorous and fine dining whims at the same time!

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