Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Flavoured Coffee: with Cinnamon

It's a rare thing these days not to enjoy a coffee in the morning. Most people do it. Walking to work clutching your favourite local coffee shop's fresh brew. It's an unofficial ritual. You might even be inclined to give a passer-by a hint of a smile when you see them with the same labelled coffee cup in their hand too. 

What about at home?
We all have a favourite! Since moving to London, we have become fans of a few local roasters. Not to offend these awesome Coffee Gods, but occasionally I will "adulterate" our coffee at home. No, I don't use Syrups. These flavourings are often too sweet, and never tastes fresh to me. 

Coffee with Acacia Bark
Coffee with spice.
You can cheat a little with this one if you want (I know I do!) You can use cinnamon that's already ground. You can also use Acacia Bark. It has a softer flavour than cinnamon. 

If you don't have scales that measure in grams, the easiest way to do this is to put a small amount on a teaspoon first (Really. Just heap a little at the tip of the spoon! You're looking to use around 4grams only). Put it into about 50grams of coffee. 
Mix it in, and go by smell. 

*From the Chef: Just be careful, too much cinnamon can be quite dry when you taste it. Trust me. She's overdone it once or twice! But we figured it out in the end, Happy Days.

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