Thursday, 10 January 2013

Banoffee Pie- An English Favourite. (Gluten Free!)

Banana and Toffee. Nomnomnom.

It's an awesome dessert combo. The English created a winner with Banoffee Pie. There is something similar in the States, but I'm told it's more of a pudding by definition...

If you want the recipe... all you need to do is ask!

There's so many ways to make it. But my Chef reckons this is the best way. You can make the base and toffee a few days before. Then slice your bananas on the day to serve, so they are fresh and lovely (not Brown. Please don't let your bananas go brown! They don't taste that nice...)

Making the Toffee. You use to be able to boil condensed Milk in it's tin to make it... But gone are those days because of the ring pull tins that are available. It caused a danger to Amateurs and Pros alike. (Rob has a funny story about it, but you'll have to ask for that one!)

Pressing the biscuit base down. Digestive biscuits are often the best. They break down well and have good flavour. You can use any range of Gluten Free Digestives from your supermarket!

Putting the Toffee on is pretty easy. Pour it in, and spread it round, making it flat as you go. Try to get everything in... Don't worry about the spatula. Do what I do, Just lick it clean (when you're finished of course!) Pop the cake tin into your fridge. The toffee needs to set, so like I said before you can make this a few days before hand. 

On the day: Slice your bananas. Try keeping them uniform in width. Start by laying them on the outter most round. Then work into the centre. Chef's trick here is to do the round. if everything is not perfect with the spacing on the bananas, that's fine. He gets the whole circle down first. Then he'll space everything around a little till it looks more even!

There. Ready to go! 
Now all you need is the cream on top. You can dollop your cream on for a slightly more uneven finish. You can be a perfectionist (Like someone else I know...), put your cream into a bag and pipe it on. If you want everyone to know how amazing you made the Bananas look, take it to the table like this! Show it off. Bring the cream in it's own bowl, and let everyone help themselves to as much or as little Cream as they want!

Wanna see a totally different way of doing this dish??

Here's and Abstract Banoffee Pie Rob did as part of a 7 course degustation evening.

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