Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Figs and Prosciutto

So we are just chilling out tonight. 
Nothing like a good TV series, and a couple of little morsels. 

Occasionally, I do something for the Chef... Oh yes. Me on my little lonesome comes up with a treat or two! This is one I got him onto! It's fresh Figs, stuffed with Goats Cheese. Wrapped into bite size bundles with Prosciutto. 

It's very quick and simple to make.
Cut the top off the fig, and cut a X from the top of the fig, but do not go all the way down to the base (maybe just over halfway should be fine). 

As you put your goats cheese into the fig, it should open a little like a flower.
Wrap your prosciutto around the figs, and place them into the oven on a tray.
you can have the oven at around 150 degrees (Celsius). Cook for around 5 minutes. Just have a check to see that your cheese has melted and your prosciutto has become crispy (it starts to look like bacon!)

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