Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sweet Couscous- A Breakfast Alternative

Couscous is awesome as a savoury Dish. But what about first thing in the morning? Think I'm crazy? Never, when it comes to food! This is a great little dish for something refreshingly different, and can be used with a variety of poached fruits.

100g dry cous cous
100g boiling water or poaching liquid
20g currants
slivered almonds roasted
mint leaf julienne (fine sliced)
diced poached fruit
 *From the Chef: The liquid from the fruit you poach is always amazing. It gives the couscous more depth and flavour

Letting the liquids soak in. This is exactly the same as you would do for any of your savoury dishes.

 Slicing Almonds.

Mixing everything in together. Mint, Almonds, Sultanas (or Raisins if you prefer), and some poached fruit.

A devine way to start your morning. 
If you're having people round in the morning for brunch, you could place smaller amounts into cups as a starter! 

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