Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Little Jewels

It's amazing to think how chefs are creative. Part illusionist, part story teller and sometimes part magician. You could say some Chefs love playing with their food! 

Take soup for example. Soups are something of a starter for most. For me it was always something you most likely had when no-one's really round. Family time Comfort food. It's homely, warming, and well food that just seems to cuddle you. Right?

Try thinking of your every time favourite Pumpkin soup. Cut up and cook off some bacon. Throw a handful into the bottom. When you serve it to your friends, and tell them to stir it up before taking a mouthful. Nothing to fancy, but it's just a start.

But can soup Be Sexy? 
My Chef creates Little Jewels. He is all about adding something to make you think differently. Whether the soup is warm or cold, Rob sometimes separates elements of a dish to create a difference. Here's what underneath. 
Peppers, Chilli, Cucumber & Coriander. What else do you think? Clue: Gazpacho.
Well, what comes over this is in Foam Form (Let's just say we have come to love the Siphon!) is actually Tomato Consomme which has been passed to keep things fresh. Into the Siphon, a little bit of Nitrous Oxide, and (drum roll please)

Hidden gems...

Now all you need is a spoon, and a few excited guests!

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