Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tuna Lover

A couple of pictures of really beautiful Tuna. 

This first one is a shot from the finishing touch being put to a plate of a variation of Tuna Nicoise. Delicate work for sure... Check out how small the Copper saucepan is. Aww

The second, is Tuna pressed with Black Olives. Rob has used the Tomato Hearts with this (That's the inside of the tomato). It's a much softer flavour than the flesh itself. 

The olives were Dehydrated, then crushed, and Rob added a few more bits that I am not allowed to divulge.... If you've never had olives like this, the flavour is more intense than a "normal" Kalamata Olive. It almost has a slight sweetness too. Absolutely awesome. Rob caught me one night with a teaspoon in one hand and a small tube of the crushed olives in the other! Oops

Hope you like!

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