Sunday, 16 December 2012

Roast Chicken with a Difference

Last night was lovely. Nothing fancy. No pretty tricks. 
Just Chicken and veg. 

Yup. Occasionally we do dull at home too! Thing is though, it's never "just" a meal on a plate. There's a few simple ways at home that make your meal so much more yum. Having Veggies? Blend them up a little to make a puree. Or potatoes? Everyone loves the Fries! Why not do your own?

 Key Ingredients at the ready.

 Nomnomnomnom... The potatoes cut down. Small helps don't forget!

Veggies... As sauce? 
Well, when there's Yellow Peppers blended down to puree, it becomes super delish, cause you can get that chicken on your fork. And well, polish the plate with pride.

Finished with Asparagus, and a nice plump piece of Chook. 
Ok, there was a little bit of fancy going on tonight. 
There's Chef, drizzling Truffle Oil over dinner.

Happy Sunday Roast Peoples!

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